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Storytelling in a form of documentation driven by video and produced for the mobile environment. We at Branding Talent believe it is going to be the next big opportunity in online content creation, and we are moving ahead with this pioneering content strategy.

We have already been able to execute this around The EveryDay Compassion Movement Show of Shane Jeremy James. Our team managed to merge this new form of content with social media and production and it led to explosive growth, while managing to save time and produce new content strategically.

Branding Talent lets your business STAND OUT from the competition by producing the next form of content, like a weekly show, and helping provide a massive amount of social content.

The Next Trend In Content Will Look This…

The EveryDay Compassion Movement Show
The Everyday Compassion Movement is a web-series that takes you on the journey with Shane Jeremy James and The Actions Of Compassion crew. Watch as they travel from city to city spreading compassion and world peace. They will show you the ups, the downs, and achievements while creating a global compassion movement.

GARY VAYNERCHUK one of the top business personalities in the world says, you used to need a production company and a television network and agents and PR people to say “hello” to the world. That world has changed and we think we’ve got the right ingredients to help those individuals who want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Perception in the marketplace is the key… What makes you stand out more than the next person?

This is What happened With Shane Jeremy James and The Every Day Compassion Movement Web Show in less then 5 months.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Equity In New Business Opportunities

Increased Revenue In All Shane’s Business Ventures

Partnerships With Celebrities

Paid Speaking Opportunities


Book Series Launch With Ten A List Celebrities

Built a Massive Global Community Of Fans In 5 Months

Free Flights, Hotels, Food and 100’s of More Things

The Future of Business is Personal Branding

If you want your business or personal brand to stand out, you must not content yourself with doing the common strategies many other businesses are doing. Things like setting up a backend sales funnel, a landing page or opt in, or use social media, SEO, or blogging…they’re not going to help your business stand out. The key is to have a unique ingredient that cannot be copied by anyone. And that is making use of your own identity. THAT IS PERSONAL BRANDING.

Personal branding has helped people like Anthony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey create world-renowned brands. And now, the internet today has leveled up the playing field, making it easy for people like YOU AND ME who may have never had a shot at at making it big just like Anthony and Oprah. Or take the case of Michelle Phan who is one of the top YouTube beauty bloggers. She recently leveraged her YouTube channel into IPSY, a mail delivery beauty service. Guess what? Today, that company is worth $500M!

Thanks to today’s technology, you are now able to produce your own show, web series or vlog and distribute content way on your own. This is personal branding at its finest. Having that strong personal brand is the best and quickest way not only to get noticed but also ELIMINATE YOUR COMPETITION. At the same time, you get to put yourself and your business front and centre for everyone to see and make a lasting positive impression, especially in today’s world that is being shaped by greater connectivity. In the process, your personal brand will make a massive difference in your business’ success.

So if you want more clients, customers or get sponsors, be paid big to speak, get opportunities to appear on radio, TV, or even get a major motion movie or reality TV show, get tons of new business deals, or maybe you just want to leave a legacy that will be appreciated by your kids, even eventual grand kids and so….then you need to stand out!
Now is the time to establish your brand.


Kevin Harrington – One of the originals on the hit TV show Shark tank and inventor of the infomercial.

Satnam Singh – The first born person from India drafted into the NBA and star of the Netflix documentary One In A Billion.

Michelle Seiler Tucker – Buys and Sell’s 100 million dollar companies.

Bonnie – Jill Laflin – First and only female NBA scout, reality TV star and founder of Hounds and Hero’s a National non-profit.

The Business of Branding
Become The Next Superstar

Personal Branding Is Essential For The Success Of Your Business


We position you into the market with a web show or vlog and an audio series, becoming massive pieces of content, copy and design pieces spread across the best media platforms.

  • The Week Series 1-20 min or 2-10 min professionally produced video/audio series
  • Micro Videos
    4 to 6 micro videos with captions will be produced
  • Live Streaming and Live SocialThis will be done via Facebook Live or Periscope. While shooting the webshow or vlog, there will be a live stream happening on different parts of the show, as well as do some mini interviews too.
  • Snapchat and Instagram stories A variety of Snapchat and Instagram stories will be uploaded throughout the week as part of the strategy.
  • In-depth Article Content 4 articles will be written that will get you noticed on a massive scale.
  • High-level Image Design 50 high-level imaginative design pulled from the show will be shared via social media.
  • Distribution Mode of distribution will vary depending on the brand. Examples of possible distribution platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Medium, Snapchat and podcast.
  • Sponsorship OpportunitiesUse our exact pitch decks and model it according to your brand and preferences to get sponsorships for your series.


Anybody who isn’t one of the 250 biggest celeberites of this era should take a very long hard look at working with us because we know it will bring you massive value. After six months to one year of work, Branding Talent will help seize the opportunities that the talent gets. For example: reality television shows, motion pictures, paid speaking engagements, book deals, equity in companies, sponsorship deals, hundreds of collaborations, new product lines, major endorsement deals, paid travel, main stream media appearances and tons of free products. This product is also for the person who is very series about building a large person brand and who can afford the financial commitment (starting at $4500/month), has the ability, talent or skill in a niche, and thrives to become the biggest or one of the biggest names within that field.

Branding Talents product originally started at $12,500. However, we now have added a package for rising talent on a budget. (product starts at $4500/month).


Bigger Businesses
Product starts at $10,000/month

Rising Talent on a budget
Product starts at $4500/month

Here’s A Quick (Partial) Bio Of Shane Jeremy James

Shane Jeremy James brought the Curves For Women franchises into Canada at the age of 26 and out of 10,000 locations his stores were among the top 10 of most profitable stores in the entire franchise. From there he managed to write 4 books and created several online businesses.

Shane now owns Shane Jeremy Media and Branding Talent which has helped some well-known brands scale in the digital marketing space such as Kevin Harrington (of Shark Tank fame) and Milton’s Secret, Eckhart Tolle’s new movie. He also founded one of the fastest growing movements in the world called Actions of Compassion, the first ever compassion brand which has successfully penetrated the market in just less than 5 months.

Shane strictly used digital and his web series The EveryDay Compassion Movement show to scale a brand faster then any of his competitors. His personal brand equity has gone up 110% in less then 5 months and his partnerships with celebrities is endless. He is a true practitioner of social media, living it breathing it and executing from it.