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Shane Jeremy James and Krish Sidhu discuss Vlogging, Audio, Alexa Skill and much more.

The future is audio, voice, and video.  I feel everyone must have a podcast, a vlogging strategy and learn the future of voice.

Learn What’s The Hardest Thing To Do In Business 


The people who act now on this are the ones who will have the biggest competitive advantage. 

According to Amazon, The Echo Dot (the smaller version of the Echo) was the “best-selling product from any manufacturer in any category across all of Amazon.”  Voice may not ultimately replace all shopping, but it could change “replenishment purchases,” such as paper towels or batteries.

The reason why brand vlogging is so important is because it gives a sense of transparency with the consumer.  For instance, weight loss vloggers will give positive or negative reviews on the supplements they’ve been using and this has a massive impact on whether supplements are bought, this is most effective as you can see the end results with the supplements used.

Check out how we used vlogging to build a fast growing movement and large compassion community.



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